Hazardous and non-hazardous waste

As a Full Service Provider, Indaver offers total solutions for both hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams. Crucial in our approach is our waste identification and categorization. For each waste- or side stream, we analyse and classify the type of material; we pay particular attention to assessing its hazardous properties. We then apply haz or non-haz procedures, which are based on EU and national regulations, and on our 25yrs of experience in the field. 

Waste Categorization for adequate treatment and maximum recovery

Based on a thorough knowledge of both waste characteristics and treatment technology, we match each type of waste to its potential treatment methods. We do so according to our 10 codes of good practice.

For non-haz (commodity) materials, we apply existing Best Available Technology (BAT). Our focus in our own facilities is on further improvement of end-product quality, which is mostly achieved through better sorting. 

For haz materials, recycling and maximizing recovery poses much more of a challenge, as we not only take into account the economical value to be recovered from hazardous wastes, but also the need for health and safety to be maintained and the best overall environmental outcome to be delivered.

Finally, if no other option is available, we opt for safe and secure storage, which may include a physicochemical treatment or solidification before disposal.

The best solutions throughout Europe, at all times

Indaver’s dedicated Waste Treatment team selects the best treatment option for each type of haz or non-haz waste. Apart from allocating waste to our own facilities, the team are in contact with a wide network of – certified - outlets. Thanks to a long-lasting relationship with most of them, Indaver has earned trust and respect from them. This way you know that, apart from best price, you receive best conditions as well. 

Indaver will find the right solution and available capacity for all types of waste at any given time. Indaver can therefore guarantee security of outlets for customers during campaigns and shut downs. 

Starting from the best treatment option for each type of waste in your total portfolio, the team searches for the nearest treatment centre to your facilities and the best treatment prices offered, throughout Europe. They take into account whether specific permits or administrative requirements have to be fulfilled. They look for smart combinations of your total waste portfolio and know about regulations and legislative changes in every single region. They even offer nearby solutions when non-conformities should arrive…

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