Chemours invests in a centralised recycling point

The chemical company Chemours recently invested in a centralised recycling point at its site in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. Waste streams that are eligible for recycling must be pure. If they aren't, there are more safety risks, unnecessary intermediate steps that are being created and extra costs involved because further sorting is needed. To avoid this Chemours, together with its waste management partner Indaver, implemented clear on-site signage the last couple of years. But that is not all. 

To further improve correct and safe sorting of waste, Chemours made a few changes on its production site. Some containers are replaced, for some waste streams the collection is done differently and there’s the new centralised recycling point. Two Indaver on-site operators are the point of contact at the recycling point. Upon delivery of the waste they will determine together with the Chemours co-worker, the origin and type of waste, help them to sort it correctly and to label the waste.  

To make sure that everybody on site is aware of which waste goes into which container, how it must be delivered at the recycling points and to communicate changes in this domain quickly and efficiently, Chemours also launched a short awareness-raising video for all of its staff at the start of June. The Indaver contact people for Chemours were also allocated a role in this. This way, it is immediately clear for everyone on-site who to look for when arriving at the recycling point. 


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