Investing in sustainable employment

A company with committed and highly-motivated staff will have satisfied customers and excellent results - just two reasons why we want you to feel enthusiastic about coming to work. Through our HR policy, we invest in sustainable employment. We foster the well-being, abilities, mobility, and development of all our employees, for the whole duration of their time with us. 

Your career path  

We’re flexible and we recognise that what you want from your career will vary depending on where you are in your life, both at work and at home. If you work at Indaver, you will be able to adapt your work to suit your needs and your ambitions. Indaver helps you keep your career on track and plot out a customised route along four broad lines: health, competency, enthusiasm, balance. This ´metro map´ helps you to find the routes and stops you need along your career path.

Four elements of your career with Indaver

  1. The ´health´ line: an employee who feels good and has a clear head makes himself, his team and the whole organisation stronger.
  2. The ´balance´ line: an employee who has a good equilibrium in his professional and private life and who is able to strike the right balance between the two will remain productive over an entire career.
  3. The ´competency´ line: an employee who has opportunities for growth and development will remain engaged and an asset to the organization, with more and more knowledge about our business.
  4. The ´enthusiasm´ line: an employee who works with enthusiasm is a committed employee; and a committed employee is one who is already looking forward to coming to work the next day.  



“Thanks to the variety in my job and the room for flexibility, which gives me a perfect work-life balance, I never get the Monday blues” 

Anita Van den Wyngaert, Management Assistant, Willebroek site

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