Care Connect Coach: Strong personal leadership

As an employee, you need a manager who will help you to develop. As a manager, you want a company that supports you in your efforts to elicit the best from your people. With its leadership programme ´Leading by Triple C: Care, Connect, Coach´, Indaver is investing in a recognisable leadership style. Strong personal leadership of all employees helps Indaver to attain its strategic goals, keep its organisation effective and ensure the high job satisfaction of its people. 

Care: appreciating employees at their true value

At Indaver, we care about our employees and value the particular talents of each member of staff. We strive to place employees in positions best suited to their strengths and interests in order that they can be as engaged and productive as possible. This is good for the individual, the team, and the organisation. We want everyone to feel good, to enjoy coming to work, and to be able to play to their strengths and interests. In this way, we help our employees to shine. 

Connect: linking employees

We work together and share knowledge with one another across the teams, sites and regions. We make sure that everyone´s contribution is clearly recognised within the team and the organisation, and we involve our people as much as possible in decision-making. We strive to match the ambitions and talents of our people with the needs of the organisation. We establish links by listening carefully, and by giving - and inviting - transparent feedback.

Coach: accompanying employees

By setting high standards, we challenge everyone to do their personal best. We give you the space and the authority to act on your own. We enable people to grow by letting them come up with their own solutions (instead of problems). We encourage employees to develop their knowledge and skills continuously, as this helps everyone to be adapt to change and to see new opportunities. 


A good leader respects people and makes the development of his employees a key concern.

CEO Paul De Bruycker

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