Learning organisation

As a learning organisation, Indaver is constantly honing the knowledge and experience of its people and encouraging innovation. We have a number of tools and initiatives for doing this.

People Platform

We want you to take control over your career at Indaver, and that´s why we use the People Platform learning management system software. People Platform gives an overview of the diplomas, work experience, skills and knowledge of our employees, and it keeps track of what training is necessary for each role within the organisation. People Platform allows employees to identify and take new opportunities for job mobility. On-site advisors train and support employees in using this software. 

Dual learning

However important theory might be, some knowledge and skills are learned faster and better directly on the shop floor. That’s why since 2016 the dual learning pilot project has been up and running in the area of Chemical Process Techniques. The pilot project prepares people for a career as a process operator and is a joint venture between essenscia Flanders (the chemistry, synthetic materials and life sciences sector federation) and Flemish Ministers Hilde Crevits and Philippe Muyters. With dual learning, more than half of the instruction takes place on the shop floor. The pilot project is running in collaboration with three Flemish schools and twelve chemical companies, including Indaver.     

Process Academy

This training programme is part of a broader developmental path for our engineers (and others). The Process Academy facilitates the transfer of knowledge and encourages more intensive communication. It will be run over a period of two years, with six academy days per year. Participants will both learn new concepts and benefit from hearing other perspectives. Through this group interaction, the Process Academy will facilitate the development of internal networks.

Lean Six Sigma

Indaver is strongly focused on improvement. With Lean Six Sigma we have a tool for approaching projects even more systematically and proactively increasing the quality of our operations. This involves projects for resolving problems that crop up repeatedly, and projects that are important for the organisation and which increase customer satisfaction. To give them a firm foundation they are based on empirical research, measurements and experimentation. The entire team is involved in these improvement projects.


Innovation arises at the intersection point of different disciplines. With the International Operational Competence Centres (IOCC), which work across the Indaver regions, internal knowledge and experience are brought together, developed and shared in order to further improve our processes; cutting-edge technological trends are monitored and new, creative ideas are developed. 

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