Indaver helps to build steam network for companies in Waasland Port

The first pipeline for the new industrial steam network ECLUSE was laid in Waasland Port on 6 February 2017. From 2018, it will convey the steam from Indaver and SLECO through a network of pipelines to six companies which will draw on the steam as needed, allowing them to switch off their own steam boilers. Before long, ECLUSE will be delivering a CO2 saving of 100 000 tonnes per annum.

Start point: Indaver and SLECO installations

ECLUSE will become a network of steam and condensate pipes between Indaver’s and SLECO’s fluidized bed and grate incinerators and a number of chemical companies in Waasland Port. The network will transport the steam generated during combustion through an insulated steam pipe, to the buyers of heat.

Efficient transport 

Transport will happen efficiently and without appreciable loss, by using superheated steam at high pressure (approx. 40 bar) and high temperature (approx. 400°C). The hot water is fed back to Indaver and SLECO via a condensate pipe, where it is reused as feedwater in the steam boiler. The pipelines will be around 5 kilometres long and will be laid partly underground, partly above ground.

Flexible green energy

The energy provision is flexible: businesses use the steam whenever they need it. Furthermore, by connecting to this network, which produces heat that is 50% green, they can fully or partly replace their own gas-fuelled boilers that produce 100% grey energy. This will lead to an overall fall in their energy consumption.

One network = 50 windmills

ECLUSE is likely to be operational at the end of 2018. Annually, the incinerators produce steam with a maximum power of approximately 250 MW. Thanks to the direct validation of this steam, this delivers an annual CO2 saving of 100 000 tonnes, similar to the annual CO2 reduction from 50 2.3 MW wind turbines. In addition, the network has been designed to allow for future growth, and to be able to generate a CO2 saving equal to the reduction gained from the installation of 100 wind turbines. 

Room for late joiners

At present, 5 companies have promised to bring their gas-fired boilers to a full or partial standstill and to buy steam from ECLUSE for the next 10 years: logistics partner for the chemical industry ADPO, chemicals producers Ashland, Monument Chemical and INEOS Phenol, and rubber and plastics producer LANXESS. On the way back, the condensate pipe will also heat the buildings of a sixth company, DP World-Antwerp Gateway. Other companies may join at a later date. ECLUSE will double capacity compared with the current demand for steam. This will also allow companies that joined from the beginning to buy additional heat at a later stage.


ECLUSE is being jointly realised by a number of companies: for the laying of the steam and condensate pipes that will connect the buyers with Indaver and SLECO, ECLUSE is calling on the know-how of Infrax, and Maatschappij Linkerscheldeoever (MLSO), FINEG and the water company Water-Link are also participating in the project. 

Strategic importance

This heating network creates a reliable, sustainable and cost-effective energy provision – just one more reason for the participating companies to continue to choose the Antwerp port region. This network could be the beginning of an intensive heating network for the whole industrial area. The Flemish Government has therefore pledged 10 million euros of ecology aid to the ECLUSE project.

“Ecluse is a project on a global scale, only possible thanks to the contribution of all the partners and the support of the Flemish government. Moreover, this project is proof that “Circular Flanders” is not a far off dream and that we can achieve great things if we combine forces." 
Paul De Bruycker, Indaver CEO


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