Sari Walscharts, Process Engineer

This is my ninth month at Indaver. When I started working here, the Process Academy proved to be a great opportunity to establish a network of contacts. This training programme encourages employees, mainly engineers, to share knowledge and get to know their colleagues and their jobs. I now know people in other departments, and I also have plenty of people I can turn to when I have a question. The programme gave me a better idea of what Indaver actually does as well. I now also have a better insight into the processing technologies we use for a number of waste streams, which is perfect given the fact that I work as a Process Engineer.

My workweek is never the same, but that is what makes my job so interesting. I mainly focus on the process monitoring and process improvement of the treatment installations. A very important aspect of this job is adjusting the incineration control. While larger projects take up a lot of my time, they also give me a great deal of satisfaction. I dream of a future at Indaver, but for the time being I’m concentrating on gaining a better understanding of the installations and the controls.

In my free time, I’m definitely a busy bee. I meet up with friends almost every day and sometimes also with colleagues. We’ve already gone for a swim after work, but we also meet up for a drink now and then. It’s a great way of seeing colleagues after work and it also improves the atmosphere at work.

To me, feeling good in a company and being able to work with nice colleagues is crucial. I have only been working here for a few months, and I can learn a lot from the experience of others.

Working with other colleagues can be very instructive. I try to learn as much as I can from people who are more experienced.

Sari Walscharts, Process Engineer

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