Stephan de Bruijn, Business Support Manager

My name is Stephan de Bruijn and I have been working at Indaver for almost seven and a half years. Although I studied Telecommunications, I soon realised that my true passion was IT. This is why I ended up in this industry. I spent my first years at Indaver in charge of SAP developments within the IT department. I have now spent around 5 years as a Business Support Manager, working for the Information & Communication Technology and Business Information Services (IT & BIS) departments. I am responsible for the Master Data Management team and the automation of business processes in areas such as Procurement, Maintenance and HR. I oversee the business support administrators, analysts and contracted programmers and consultants.

No two working days are ever the same, as we are constantly starting new projects, and innovation never stops at Indaver. I often hold meetings to discuss innovations and put forward new ideas. I also support the people in my department and coordinate various projects. I have a great deal of say in the development and application of new technologies and this makes my job very enjoyable. Within our department, we have an open and relaxed atmosphere, in which the boundaries between jobs are blurred. This gives everyone the opportunity to learn new skills and use their talents to the full.

Choosing to work at Indaver has proven to be a great decision. The company is growing and flourishing and innovates in many different ways. It does not shy away from any innovative challenges whatsoever, either in the technological or the ecological arena. Our company focuses on reducing humanity’s impact on the planet and encourages employees to make their own contribution as well. As a result, we are all working together to improve the world in some small way.

Employees take centre stage at Indaver. We are listened to when we take the initiative or express our wishes. We can easily follow a new career path within the company and are given every opportunity to learn new skills. We are involved in the ups and downs of the organisation and numerous activities are organised to keep up a really good atmosphere and solidarity between colleagues. This means we can develop both on a personal as well as on a professional level, to ensure our continued growth. Together with the company.

“There is an open and relaxed atmosphere in which the boundaries between jobs are blurred.

Stephan de Bruijn, Business Support Manager

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