Your future starts at Indaver

Have you just graduated and are you ready to explore the labour market? Are you keen to get your career off to a flying start? And above all, are you motivated to discover, learn and grow? At Indaver you'll aim for the sky straight away!

Your future? At Indaver, we’re keen to invest in it! That's why we give you every opportunity to fully develop your talents in line with your personal interests and needs, in an international, sustainable organisation where commitment and enthusiasm are always rewarded. 

Erwin's story

We welcome our new recruits with open arms. Erwin knows all about it. He is coaching Eline, an engineer who's just joined his team, and he knows better than anyone else how heavily we invest in youngsters here at Indaver.



New recruits: testimonials


Do youngsters feel at home here? Ramses, Lore, Carl, Eline and Wouter certainly do. They will be delighted to tell you all about their first months at Indaver.

Ramses: “Indaver is one big family. Everyone is welcoming and helpful, and your opinion is always valued.”



Lore: “Everyone has a say in the organisation, not only inside your own department, but outside too. It doesn't matter whether you've just started or you've got thirty years’ experience. Every voice is heard.”



Carl: “As a millennial, I started working at the company with a fresh perspective, but I am learning so much from my more experienced colleagues.”



Eline: “I have been working here less than a year, but as a 'newbie' I am given the trust to learn, show initiative and come up with ideas.”



Wouter: “Day in, day out, I help build a greener and more sustainable economy. There is nothing more motivating than that.”






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