Carl talks about his first job as a Project Engineer at Indaver

I’m Carl, and I work as a Project Engineer in the Maintenance department in Doel. I’m 24 years old, and I graduated not long ago as an Industrial Engineer, specialising in environmental technology. I’ve been working here for a year now. After completing my studies, I came across Indaver at a job fair and I enthusiastically left my details at their stand. A short time later, I was invited for an interview to consider together where I could work within the company. I was pleasantly surprised by that: right from the very first moment they had confidence in my ability.

I already knew a bit about Indaver from my school days: the company’s sustainability report had been used back then as an example to demonstrate how to pursue environmentally friendly goals as an organisation and to communicate them transparently. This captured my interest immediately because I myself am also keen to do my bit for a better environment. 

As a Project Engineer, I’m an important link in the waste treatment process: I set up projects aimed at slowing down the wear and tear of installations so they perform better and last longer. So, I really do feel that I’m part of a sustainable process. In fact, Indaver also encourages its employees to adopt this environmentally conscious mindset, like the company always urges us to respect the five core values: demonstrating concern for people, safety and the environment; ensuring transparency in communications and actions; continuously improving; concentrating on achieving results; and building relationships based on mutual trust. 


"As a millennial I have brought a new way of looking at things while learning a huge amount from experienced colleagues."
Carl, Project Engineer

Not only that but every decision and every action are computed based on these core values. Indaver is doing well, but the organisation doesn’t want to grow without thinking it through. Everything happens in a controlled and considerate manner, and the views of the staff are always listened to first. Mine too, for example. This makes me feel really involved in the company.

Indaver is a great place for newcomers: you get enough time to familiarise yourself with the organisation and to settle into your work, you learn an enormous amount in a short space of time, and you are given full backing to make mistakes and to grow. Indaver clearly believes in the combined strength of different generations: as a millennial I have brought a new way of looking at things while learning a huge amount from experienced colleagues. This creates a mutual exchange of knowledge, and that can only be positive in my opinion.

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