Lore talks about her first job as a Waste Treatment Officer at Indaver

My name is Lore, I’m 24 years old and a Waste Treatment Officer for the Netherlands region at Indaver. I would never have thought that I would end up at a waste treatment company after studying art; it’s not easy to find a link between art and waste management. But once I really got to know the company, I was extremely surprised. Indaver is a great, forward-looking company with an open atmosphere, where every single employee receives support to bring out the best in themselves, right from the outset. 

It was immediately clear to me that Indaver cares about its staff. Before I started work properly I was given extensive training so that I could learn all about the organisation. I visited all the sites, got to know the various departments and learnt how the entire waste treatment operation flows together. That really gave me the confidence to get started a month later, and it motivated me to learn even more about waste management. Because I was only just beginning my career I found it great that I was so well supported.

Indaver has a lot of customers in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. We process their waste in a sustainable manner at our own sites or using external installations. We don’t just deal with ordinary residue waste, we also handle hazardous waste that requires very specific treatment. With the Waste Treatment team we look for the right treatment solution for every waste product, on a technical and environmental level as well as on a commercial level. In this way we bridge the gap between sales and those who treat the waste (both internally and externally). I provide administrative support and take care of communication between the lab, the Outlet Manager and the sales department. There are also always overarching projects that I get involved in. For example, we’re currently simplifying our SAP system to improve our internal processes and make them more efficient.

"Everyone also gets a say in the organisation. Within their own department, but also outside it. Every voice is respected."
Lore, Projectingineur

This in itself is a good example of how Indaver always looks ahead. The company wants to innovate constantly in order to make the waste treatment industry even more sustainable. But we also innovate in other areas, too. We never stick to routine here because otherwise we would stand still. Everyone here is given the chance to grow, through training or by changing jobs within the company. Everyone also gets a say in the organisation. Within their own department, but also outside it. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re new or you have thirty years’ experience: every voice is respected.

I am one of the few millennials on the site where I work, but there is great togetherness, so age differences are irrelevant. There aren’t that many young people working for Indaver at the moment, which I think is mainly due to the fact that the waste treatment industry doesn’t sound sexy enough. But this industry is actually very interesting: innovation and regard for nature go hand in hand here. And you start with a great employment package: an attractive salary, good hours and an employer that gives you every confidence to grow.

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