Eline talks about her first job as a Project Engineer at Indaver

I’m Eline, I’m 26 years old and I have a degree in Bioengineering, specialising in environmental technology. I really wanted a job where I could combine these two things – environment and technology. So, when I saw that Indaver was looking for a Project Engineer, I jumped at the opportunity. I’ve been here for less than a year, and yet I’m being given every confidence as a ‘youngster’ to learn on the job, to show initiative and to propose ideas.

I work as a Project Engineer within the Engineering department. Other departments come to us with difficult cases for which they are looking for complex or innovative waste treatment technologies. So, our job requires a lot of creativity: we brainstorm, do extensive research and explore innovative technologies with a view to setting up a project afterwards. That makes my job both challenging and interesting. And I’m learning all the time because I’m surrounded by experienced people and finding out about the latest technologies. I’m currently involved in a project where we’re adding a new installation at one of our sites. The project is so big that we even need to build a whole new hall.

"I’ve been here for less than a year, and yet I’m being given every confidence as a ‘youngster’ to learn on the job, to show initiative and to propose ideas."
Eline, Project Engineer

The fact that I’m allowed to assist with such a large project, despite my limited work experience, shows how much faith Indaver has in me. Whenever I have a suggestion for a particular project, people always listen to me. I may be one of the youngest in the team, but I don’t notice it at all. Obviously, I receive help from more experienced colleagues when I need it, and I’m very grateful to them for that, but I never get treated like the ‘newcomer’. There is no generation gap within Indaver. Everyone is always there for everyone else, certainly within my team. We all have to be creative to make projects succeed, so we all approach the work with the same mindset. 

Indaver looks beyond your work experience, focusing on your abilities and your potential to grow. There are also plenty of opportunities for personal development as well as chances to change jobs. My manager has also said to me that if I would prefer a different job within the company, I should just say so and we’ll look at the possibilities together. Right from my first interview I got the feeling of being heard. That’s one of the things that convinced me to work for Indaver. The fine salary was a bonus, but it was mainly the company’s commitment that won me over. 

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