Ramses talks about his first job as a Maintenance Analysis Coordinator (WBO) at Indaver/SVEX

Indaver is a perfect fit for my profile: I have a degree in Bioengineering, specialising in environmental technology. I’m also interested in waste management and I enjoy working in an industrial environment with an environmentally conscious mindset. After learning about the organisation during my studies, I wasted no time in responding to the ‘Young talent wanted’ appeal after I graduated. I’m now 26 years old, and I’ve been working at the Doel site for around nine months.

As a Maintenance Analyst I examine the waste treatment installations, looking for signs of wear and tear. In Doel, there are three different incineration lines for the fluidised bed incinerator (WBO) which take turns to be shut down after nine months. So, I head to one of the installations every three months to take measurements. This information is analysed and used as a basis for developing methods aimed at combating wear and tear. I therefore work from downtime to downtime, nicely alternating between office work and field work.

"Indaver is also like a big family. Everyone is open and helpful, and always listens to your opinion."
Ramses, Maintenance Analysis Coordinator

Things clicked for me with Indaver immediately, right from the first interview. That interview also felt really natural and informal. I got the chance to tell my story and to look for a suitable position with the company’s help. It also became immediately clear that the role of Maintenance Analyst would carry a lot of responsibility. The fact that I got this job shows how much faith Indaver had in me and still does.

The organisation genuinely invests in new talent. You are constantly challenged to learn on the job and to bring out the best in yourself. Not just through training, but also by getting to know the company’s other departments, and even by changing jobs. I will happily stay where I am for another few years, but Indaver would fully support me if I wanted to work in another department. This is really the only way to get to know the organisation inside out. Indaver is also like a big family. Everyone is open and helpful, and always listens to your opinion. It is even expected of you that you will open your mouth because questions, comments and refreshing ideas help everyone to move forward.

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