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Slib afkomstig uit uw productieproces of waterzuiveringsinstallatie kan uw primair proces ernstig verstoren met hoge kosten en mogelijks een productiestop of milieu-incident tot gevolg. Om dat te vermijden is een oplossing op maat nodig.

Bij Indaver Separation Technologies (IST) kunt u uw slibontwatering en separatietechnologie volledig uitbesteden.

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Sustainable recycling of sludge, sediment and water at a glance:

Indaver Separation Technologies is your partner in the circular economy thanks to intelligent reuse and useful applications of materials.

How does the recycling of sludge, sediment and water work? 

  • Step 1: we analyse your sludge, sediment and water.
  • Step 2: we treat your sludge, sediment and water by means of our sludge dewatering and separation technology via mobile or fixes units.
  • Step 3: we recycly everything sustainably through reuse and useful applications of water and recovered materials.

Sludge dewatering & separation technologies: a clear approach

We carry out a clear initial analysis of your project. A results-oriented way of working, a professional approach and clear agreements ensure that our activities, their monitoring and their end result are all clear. Residues are sustainably, efficiently and safely dealt with and if necessary removed.

... with added value ...

This approach results in major advantages for you, as the customer.

  • Volume reduction: by dewatering the sludge at your site, we reduce the volume of sludge to be disposed.
  • Cost reduction: due to the volume reduction, less transport is needed and the processing costs are limited.
  • KPI dashboard: a clear overview of our project results mapped out for you.

... and customized solutions

IST, an experienced partner for industry and public authorities

Indaver Separation Technologies (IST) is the sludge dewatering and separation technology expert within the Indaver group. With more than 30 years of international experience in numerous projects, IST has built up a broad base of satisfied industrial and public authority customers in Europe.

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