Indaver is a trusted and reliable partner for public authorities

As legislation becomes more specific and complex and administrative obligations increase, many public authorities are choosing to join forces with a specialist partner who will plan and implement their waste management schemes on their behalf. Indaver is the partner of choice for many public authorities and we have distilled our decades of experience and knowledge into a flexible working model: Public waste PartnershipS(PwPS).

Our PwPS are tailormade, cost-effective and innovative waste solutions. The primary focus of every plan we design for a public authority is high-quality recycling and energy valorisation. We are guided by the relevant legislation with respect to environmental concerns and requirements. We plan for your short-, medium- and long-term needs and continually reassess and revise your waste management plan, as required. As we have a wide network of installations for treating household waste, both our own and our partners', we can provide the public authority that you represent with a guarantee for its waste. Our solution for your authority will be cost-effective, flexible and technologically advanced.

Public waste PartnershipS: the key benefits

Any public authority that works with Indaver will recognise the following three characteristics of their collaboration: flexibility, free policy choice and trust. They are the leitmotif that runs through the service provision we offer you and ensures that your local authority and your residents benefit from it.

1. Flexibility of choice: you choose the best approach

Indaver has decades of experience working with public authorities, which means we now have a very good idea of your needs. We offer municipalities and intermunicipal co-operative partnerships a choice of three types of service: treatment and useful application of waste; organisation of waste management systems; and management of public treatment infrastructure. We will present these services to you, and you will choose which elements you wish to outsource to Indaver and which elements you wish to retain and implement yourself. Based on our technical, administrative, legal and commercial knowhow, we can discuss this decision with you and help you reach the best mix for your public authority.

2. Freedom of policy choice

We are well aware that every local authority is different, which is why our first action is to sit down and listen to your specific concerns, needs and priorities. That way, we can then draw up a policy of operation that will fit exactly with your unique requirements. Our aim is to help you achieve what your authority wants and needs to achieve, so we listen, we think carefully and only then do we draw up a tailormade proposal for your public authority. Together we determine which approach is the most suitable for your jurisdiction, then Indaver will give comprehensive advice and direction on the services and technologies that would deliver the best and most cost-effective solution.  

3. Trust in your choice

We know that trust is a key issue for public authorities, especially when it comes to the sensitive issue of waste management. A truly effective partnership is based on trust and transparency, which in turn requires open, timely and accurate communication. We have developed our IT systems to allow you to have constant access to all of the data relating to your waste streams, where they are, who is treating them and how they are being treated. It is a monitoring system that gives you peace of mind and a guarantee that you can rely on and trust.


Aiming for continuous improvement

The Indaver team works hard to build solid partnerships with each one of its public procurers. By doing so, we can ensure that our services are continuously adjusted and improved for your benefit. We ask our customers for regular feedback to enable us to assess and improve our service. In this way we offer distinct added value to public authorities in every area and within every contract form.

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