Indaver is a member of the following organisations:

To help achieve the circular economy, Indaver works with partners from all possible sectors. Particularly, we need to change the way we use and dispose of our raw materials and that has big consequences for every phase of production and consumption. Everyone - businesses, governments, research institutes and citizens - has a role to play - we must all work together.
That is why Indaver is a member of:


Essenscia, the Belgian Federation for Chemical & Life Sciences Industries, is a multi-sectoral umbrella organisation that represents the chemical, plastic and life sciences industries.
Essenscia consolidates nearly 800 companies that jointly generate more than 95% of the turnover in this sector. It offers its members information, standard and customised services, and advice. It also represents and defends the interests of its members in Belgium and in Europe.


BW2E (Belgian Waste-to-Energy) is the federation of owners of waste power stations for household and comparable industrial waste in Belgium. It was founded in 2009 with the aim of creating a forum for the exchange of information that would lead to mutually helpful solutions for the sector. Indaver was one of the prime movers in this initiative. BW2E currently has 14 members, who together are responsible for thermal treatment processes that recover energy from 2.75 million tonnes of waste. The BW2E members share their knowledge with each other, they adhere to regional and European regulations and they formulate collective positions. As a key member, Indaver is responsible for the federation’s secretariat and the specific preparation of files.


How does Indaver, a member of the Flemish Quality Management Centre (VCK) since 2011, check on quality?
"As a European service provider in industrial and domestic waste management, Indaver offers high-quality and sustainable service centring on maximum recovery and minimum risk at the least cost. Internal quality management systems and clear procedures ensure the safety, quality, reliability and traceability of its complex treatment and business processes and of its service to clients. Our thorough, extensive quality assurance, focusing on continuous improvement, also guarantees that our organisation is prepared for further growth. What we do is constantly honed by regular surveys of both our in-house employees and our clients, so that together we can implement sustainable waste management with the minimum impact on people and the environment".


Indaver is working together with partners at international level: Eurits, ISWA, CEWEP.

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