Sustainable waste management for residue flows

Indaver is continuously trying to recover as much materials and energy as possible from the waste it treats. This waste can contain components hazardous to people and the environment. In a circular economy, in which materials are being re-used, the materials loop must be safe and clean. Indaver removes these hazardous components from the materials loop by creating safe sinks, thereby destroying, isolating or safely storing these components.

Physicochemistry: safe treatment of inorganic waste

Indaver’s physicochemical units for treating inorganic waste neutralise acids and bases, oxidise cyanides, reduce chromates and immobilise heavy metals.

Landfills: disposal as a last option

Landfill disposal is the last option in sustainable waste management, but it remains necessary for a number of waste flows that cannot be put to beneficial use or treated thermally. Indaver has landfills in Antwerp and Doel. It also operates the landfill of the Hooge Maey Intermunicipal Association in Antwerp.

Safety and sustainability 

During treatment in the physicochemical units, Indaver tries to replace as many primary raw materials as possible with residues from the thermal treatment. In the landfills, it ensures safe storage and makes sure that space is used efficiently and sustainably.

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