Sustainable energy from organic waste

Bio-organic waste has immense potential for green energy recovery. The fermentation of this waste results in biogas that can be converted into heat or electricity, or can be supplied to the grid after refining it to the quality of natural gas. Indaver makes a sustainable fuel for biomass power stations from selectively collected green waste. By generating this green energy, Indaver makes a significant contribution to the European and Flemish climate objectives.

Landfills: sources of biogas

Biogas is created by fermenting the organic material in the landfill waste. This biogas can be used to generate energy. Since 2004, biogas (to be specific: methane) is recovered from bio-organic residual waste at Indaver's Hooge Maey site in Antwerp. Gas shafts, vanes and pipelines recover the methane from the landfill. Four engines generate energy for approx. 4,800 households.

Indaver is continuously looking for new technologies to recover the gas in even better ways. For example, we discovered a system in which vanes are inserted in a fine-meshed fashion up to 30 metres deep. This way, the entire landfill site can be degassed.

Biomass: renewable energy

At Indaver’s plant in Grimbergen, prunings, grass clippings, tree trunks, organic industrial waste and green vegetal waste from municipalities, contracting businesses or gardeners are processed into compost and biomass.

The woody material of the green waste, left over after the mechanical separation, is broken into pieces. This way it can be processed into biomass, which can be used in energy power stations as a renewable energy source and can replace fossil fuels. 

The biomass that Indaver provides today is fully compliant with the strict acceptance criteria of the energy producers. 

Balance between recycling and renewable energy

Flanders gets 65% of its renewable energy production from biomass. In view of the ecological and economic added value of bio-organic waste, its treatment is becoming increasingly more important for Indaver. But Indaver has always argued for a balance between recycling bio-organic waste into compost and using this waste as an alternative fuel or to generate green energy. We favour the integrated treatment approach. Our installations are adapted to produce compost and biomass. Therefore, Indaver always determines how to recover materials in the best and most efficient manner: as a material or as energy.

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