Environmentally safe storage of asbestos waste

Asbestos is no longer used in construction, insulation or for similar purposes. Even so, approx. 60,000 tonnes of asbestos-containing waste from demolition and remediation activities is released annually in Flanders alone. Indaver has environmentally safe processing solutions for asbestos treatment.

Specific packaging and shipment conditions

Asbestos waste can be removed in accordance with the Flemish landfill criteria (VLAREMII). When handling asbestos-containing waste, special attention must be paid to its removal, pre-treatment and packaging. Depending on the type of asbestos waste, certain packaging and shipment conditions must be respected. 

Advice and treatment

Indaver accepts asbestos-containing waste flows in its landfills in Antwerp and Doel and advises about asbestos waste projects. In specific situations, Indaver advises about the most appropriate option for treatment.

  • Asbestos cement combined with animal residual products or animal waste (e.g. after a fire in stables).
  • Asbestos cement combined with combustible waste (clearing of fire residues, asbestos-containing carpeting).
  • Asbestos cement combined with building and demolition waste.
  • Asbestos cement combined with radioactive contamination.

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