Freedom of policy choice

Public authorities determine for themselves what they want for their local authority and its residents. They make the final decision, and Indaver helps them to make the best choice and to carry it out effectively.

The local authority chooses, Indaver implements

It is a cornerstone of our partnerships that Indaver respects the free policy choice of public authorities. The authority describes their waste management set-up and needs, and then Indaver's expert team advises them on the best way to achieve their targets and be fully compliant. Our advice is based on our extensive technical, administrative, legal and commercial know-how. We work closely with the authority to ensure they have the flexibility they need to pick and choose the best mix of services, and that they choose the optimum package for their needs.

Made-to-measure collaboration

Local authorities aren't forced to accept a 'one-size-fits-all' standardised service. Our approach is very different. We give the authority the freedom to choose the type of collaboration that will best fit their needs and priorities. We have the facilities and the treatment options, the experience, the expertise and the people. Local authorities decide which parts of the service they want to employ for the useful application of their waste, for their waste management or for the management of their treatment infrastructure.

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