Treatment of household waste

Our Public waste PartnershipS (PwPS) model offers public authorities three types of integrated service: useful application of urban waste; organisation of waste management systems; and management of public treatment infrastructure.

Extensive package

"The treatment is guaranteed over the long term, without logistic or financial hidden catches"

Kris Verwaeren, Director of the Intermunicipal Partnership DDS/VERKO Dendermonde

Indaver offers public authorities an extensive package of options for treating the waste streams of their residents. We treat most household waste fractions in our own installations,which guarantees flexibility and continuity.

Guaranteed solution

Thanks to our broad network of installations for treating household waste, we are always able to provide your public authority with a guarantee for its waste. We respect the legislation related to the environment and safety and opt for the most cost-efficient solution at all times.

Maximum recovery of materials and energy

You can be sure that your waste is managed sustainably. We offer quality recycling and also recover energy in thermal treatments. We continuously tap into new possibilities for treatment and recycling, and invest in new technologies.

Furthermore, we can fall back on an extensive network of reliable partners for any waste that we do not treat ourselves. This way we make sure that there is always a solution for your waste. You can leave your worries behind: this is all done in our installations according to the strictest legislation and regulations. This way we accurately map our impact on humans and the environment and keep this within the strictest European environmental and safety norms.

Range of waste services:

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Public waste PartnershipS
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