Organisation of waste management systems

Our Public waste PartnershipS (PwPS) model offers public authorities three types of integrated service: useful application of urban waste; organisation of waste management systems; and management of public treatment infrastructure.

Management from A to Z

You can call on Indaver to organise your waste flows from A to Z in the most ecological and cost-efficient manner. You have the freedom to determine which tasks you want to outsource to Indaver and which tasks you want to carry out yourself.

Sustainable waste management requires expertise

Today, managing household waste entails much more than treating the collected fractions or outsourcing the treatment. It requires extensive know-how in the area of environmental regulations, legislation, commercial and financial management, and communication.

Partner specialising in waste management

As legislation becomes stricter, the administrative obligations increase accordingly. At the same time, the treatment options become more sophisticated and more efficient. Therefore, public authorities increasingly choose to co-operate with a partner that specialises in managing their household waste.

20 years of experience

For 20 years, Indaver has been an esteemed partner of public authorities in Flanders. We are very knowledgeable about the most recent legislation, regulations and trends. We have the necessary experience in the area of daily operational, financial, commercial and HR management. We also have extensive expertise in the area of waste collection and transport, managing transfer stations, commercialising selectively collected waste flows, and organising sensitisation and prevention campaigns. 

Bundling of expertise

This bundling of expertise, which Indaver offers to its partners, is crucial for achieving good results – also for the waste management of a municipality or intermunicipal co-operative partnerships.

Local authorities are being confronted with a number of major challenges for the organisation of their waste management:

  • How to organise the collection of waste in your municipal district?
  • How to provide a sustainable and affordable solution for each stream?
  • How to set up projects to prevent waste?
  • How to create a DIFTAR (differentiated tariff) system?
  • How to communicate with citizens and other stakeholders?
  • How to recruit staff and how to provide good training? 

An experienced partner by your side

Indaver will guide you every step of the way and can take care of the following tasks for you: 

  • Daily operational management;
  • Compliance with and monitoring of regulations and legislation;
  • Financial and administrative management;
  • Contract management;
  • Commercialisation of selective collected streams;
  • Communication;
  • Personnel policy.

"Indaver first became involved with IBOGEM's capital in 1995. The occasion was the closure of our incinerator in Melsele. For us Indaver was a partner who could offer financial and organisational stability. Since then we have been able to buy incineration rights in Indaver's incinerating facility up to the end of 2017. This makes us independent of the vagaries of the market."
Peter Quintelier, financial director IBOGEM

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