The best specialist in waste management is a person

Regardless of how good Indaver's treatment facilities and systems are, it is our people who ultimately make the difference and ensure you receive the best solution and service. It is our highly trained and dedicated people who have the knowledge required to offer you advice that is tailored to your needs and the drive to help you in every possible way. Indaver ensures that its employees have the knowledge, skills and ability to carry out their duties properly at every level of the organisation.

Knowledge-driven organisation

Industrial waste management is a complex area that is continually subject to change. Knowledge management is crucial in enabling us to continue offering the best service provision. Indaver offers all of its employees training and education courses that suit the individual's skills and job requirements. This is not only beneficial for our business operations, it also increases our employees' job satisfaction.

Through national and international platforms, Indaver stimulates knowledge-sharing and knowledge-building at all levels. In these different platforms, specialists from the various regions provide practical examples and exchange information on various types of developments. In this way, we share and learn for the good of our organisation and our customers.

Dedicated project teams

For Indaver, TWM is a mutual project consisting of experts from the various Indaver departments as well as experts from the customer's side. We co-operate as a single team that works cohesively together and we always aim for a successful long-term alliance.

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