Indaver, your partner of choice

Your industrial hazardous waste is our business

Many industries, in particular the chemical, pharmaceutical and medical industries, produce complex, often hazardous waste streams. These waste streams require very careful and thorough treatment, but this level of waste management is not a core competency of these sectors. Indaver is proud to be a trusted partner to a wide range of such companies. We are an international waste treatment partner, with networks across the whole of Europe. We want to partner you in excellence, in compliance and in planning for a better future for all. 

Specialist in sustainable waste management

We offer thorough knowledge of operating specialised waste treatment facilities and intelligent waste management systems. We have extensive hands-on experience with materials and production techniques, especially for critical, sensitive and complex waste flows from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We closely monitor all the developments in the waste market, especially with regard to legislation, technology, sustainability and innovation.

Total Waste Management for the best service

We provide our services by means of our Total Waste Management partnership model, which assures you a worry-free experience when it comes to managing your waste. We can take care of everything for you, from the moment of production to recovery and/or treatment, including organisation, handling, administration and reporting. We operate our own plants but, when appropriate, we also work with third parties, providing you with a wide-ranging network of facilities and solutions. As Indaver operates throughout Europe, we can stand by and deliver on our motto: maximum safety for people and environment, maximum recovery of energy and materials and best possible total cost of ownership.

Long-term partnerships for the best results

Indaver nurtures long-term relationships with its partners and customers because the company is convinced that this is always in the best interest of all parties. Mutual trust is the basis of how we do business, and personal reliability and integrity are the hallmarks of our business.

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