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Press Release : Ambitious heat network ECLUSE wins first Sustainability Award


ECLUSE to be responsible for 10% of green heat produced in Flanders

Sustainable Materials and Energy Management Fund has supported 150 projects already over the past ten years

Inge Baertsoen 2016-11-06 |

The people of Flanders are now well aware of the fact that they need to live more sustainably and be more economical with raw materials and energy....

Indaver’s neighbourhood council celebrates 25 years of open local level communication

Rob Kruitwagen 2016-10-31 |

Indaver’s neighbourhood council celebrates 25 years of open local level communication. Everyone needs good neighbours, even companies. This is why...

Cooperation to make a difference

Rob Kruitwagen 2016-08-24 |

The solutions demanded by the circular economy need to derive from different areas. That is why in 2015 Indaver continued to actively work on raising...

Creating added value with sustainable waste management

Rob Kruitwagen 2016-08-01 |

Indaver aims to create added value, using systems for which customers have a need and which society expects from it. It succeeded in doing so again in...

Indaver helps keep our planet habitable

Rob Kruitwagen 2016-07-14 |

In all its operations, Indaver makes every effort to keep our planet habitable by recovering as much energy and as many materials as possible and...

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Transport of Flemish Brabant’s household waste by water: trial set up with inland waterways shuttle from Leuven


The trial project for the transport of household waste by water from Flemish Brabant to the Indaver facility in Doel has now added a second loading...

Indaver invests continuously in its talent

Rob Kruitwagen 2016-06-23 |

Indaver is always looking for innovative and safe systems to deal with complex and sometimes hazardous waste flows. But regardless of how good our...

IndaChlor® , a sustainable solution for chlorinated waste in Dunkirk

Rob Kruitwagen 2016-06-16 |

Indaver's intention with IndaChlor® is to build a new treatment plant at Loon Plage / Dunkirk, where chlorinated and production waste can be recycled....

Sustainability Report 2015: Indaver demonstrates its added value

Paul De Bruycker 2016-06-05 |

In its Sustainability Report 2015 Indaver shows the role it is playing in achieving the circular economy. In 2015 it laid the foundations for further...