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Safety and sustainability come first with the new work uniform

Rob Kruitwagen 2014-12-04 |

Indaver is carving out its position as a strong brand in Europe and a recognisable, uniform look is a part of that. With the introduction of its new...

Small changes, a world of difference

Rob Kruitwagen 2014-10-30 |

The Fonds Duurzaam Materialen- en Energiebeheer (Sustainable Materials and Energy Management Fund) , that is financed by Indaver and Sleco, has been...

Recovering materials from ash treatment: Indaver shares know-how

Andres Van Brecht 2014-10-03 |

Indaver recovers as much material as possible from waste it treats, which includes incineration. A unique separation system is used to extract raw...

European Mark of Quality for Indaver Relight

Paul De Bruycker 2014-09-08 |

As the first lamp recycling company in Europe, Indaver Relight has recently become the proud bearer of the prestigious WEEELABEX certificate. With...

Indaver at the cutting edge of customer relations

Bart Goethals 2014-06-26 |

Indaver actively seeks the opinion of its customers with a view to improving its service provision. A recent survey on our industrial business...

Indaver recorded very good results in 2013, a robust foundation for additional growth.

Paul De Bruycker 2014-06-02 |

Indaver recorded very good results in 2013. Employing 1665 staff, Indaver successfully managed more than five million tonnes of waste and achieved an...

Indaver recorded very good results in 2013, a robust foundation for additional growth

Communications department 2014-05-28 |
  • Total volume of waste managed: 5,149,624 tonnes
  • Total volume in- house processing: 3,517,552 tonnes
  • Annual production of energy providing the...
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Indaver is conducting research into sustainable waste transport by water or rail

Rob Kruitwagen 2014-05-16 |

Indaver wants to keep its ecological footprint as small as possible. That also applies to transporting the waste it manages. Which is why it is...

Indaver disambiguates ADR-legislation for the benefit of its clients

Alain Konings 2014-04-29 |

Legislation changes constantly. This became apparent once again at the beginning of April this year when amendments were made to the ADR regulations...