Total Waste Management Services

Sustainable and cost-efficient waste management solutions, tailored to your needs

Indaver's total service approach is built on three pillars: 1. Assets - for best treatment options; 2. Systems - for total waste management support; and 3. People, offering expert guidance and assistance for your daily operations and strategic long-term challenges.

Customer-led services

In every field of activity, you decide the type of assistance and service level required, based on your organisation and its specific needs. You can opt for treatment only, or for treatment plus a selection of services, or for handing over all of your waste-related activities to Indaver’s specialists. Furthermore, we offer management services, which concern the planning, co-ordination, control and improvement of activities related to waste management on your sites. We offer a comprehensive suite of services; you choose what suits you best.

Full partnership

Our ultimate aim is to develop long-term full partnerships with our customers because this is the most beneficial outcome. An advanced level of co-operation between Indaver’s teams and yours will result in optimal use of experience and knowledge, thus providing the ideal basis for continuous improvement and lowest total cost of ownership (lowest overall costs in the long run). Indaver acts as your navigator, offering all of its knowledge and expertise for the best solution for all the waste and waste management activities on your premises.

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