Treatment solutions

Indaver has a solution for all waste streams and offers zero-waste-to-landfill solutions as well as the best and most advanced options for recovery of energy and materials from waste processing.

For maximum control of sensitive or critical waste, Indaver has over 380,000 tonnes HTI capacity in different rotary kilns in Belgium and Germany. These installations treat a large amount of waste from all over Europe. Indaver is organised to accept foreign waste streams in all its facilities, which means this network of top-class facilities can serve as each other's back-up. At all times we are conscious of all consequences when recycling, recovering or disposing of sensitive or critical waste. This guarantees that liabilities for the customer are avoided at all times and at every stage in the process.

Indaver also offers large Waste-to-Energy (WTE) plants (1,200,000 tonnes capacity), fermentation plants and composting plants for non-haz waste.

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