Administrative support

If required, Indaver can assume control over your order processing and administration, providing all the necessary certificates and documents and taking care of all export administration. To help you process all this data, we can tailor invoicing and customise the tools for internal costs allocation and reporting. 

In order to make this administrative process more efficient and transparent, Indaver has invested in SAP, an integrated data management system. In our online Customer Zone, you have full access to online planning, administration and reporting tools. Indaver can organise global reporting as well, combining data from various customer sites.

This combination of data management systems, online access to real-time data and customised tools ensures FULL administrative relief for your waste management, enabling you to focus on your core business.

Online client portal

The Customer Zone is Indaver's online customer portal and it gives customers 100% insight into the status of their waste in real-time. You can check the costs and quantities of your waste package around the clock, and in great detail, via Total Reports. Furthermore, an electronic Disposal Planning Request guarantees that the information exchange is correct, complete and easy to follow. This way you can efficiently manage your complex waste administration with ease. The Customer Zone provides you with full transparency and control and in doing so significantly contributes to efficiency in terms of your requests and our response to and handling of them.

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