Assurance of Traceability

Indaver builds, operates and manages large-scale hazardous waste processing plants, and does so in accordance with the same EH&S standards that its customers must respect.

Indaver has signed up for the Chemical Industry Federation’s Responsible Care Programme. Indaver safeguards security and confidentiality at all times. All legal regulations are complied with, so that managing sensitive or hazardous waste flows never leads to liability issues. 

Indaver also has a watertight system to track waste from its origin to the moment of treatment. In order to do so, Indaver has invested in a strong and reliable ERP system (SAP). This is the basis for swift planning, tailored invoicing and strong reporting on costs and tonnages. Added to that a barcode registration system allows for waste registration at the customer’s site. 

This way, we are able to track the waste from your site to its ultimate destination. We arrange for you to receive all of the necessary certificates of recovery/treatment or disposal. Our sophisticated reporting system offers full traceability on your waste shipments at all times. These reports are provided to you on request or via our customer e-portal. Physical records of all shipments are also maintained in our archives for complete assurance of traceability for seven years.

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