Innovative customer services

Total Waste Management (TWM)

Our customers want certainty about what happens to their waste, from the source, throughout its transport, to the way in which it is treated. And every customer has different needs. Instead of a standard approach we therefore provide tailored solutions that best fit our customers.
We listen to each customer to find out what they need. We work out the best treatment solution for each type of waste. Because we have a broad range of in-house facilities, supplemented with third-party treatment capabilities, we can offer a flexible service to ensure every customer gets the most cost-efficient and the most sustainable solution.
We guarantee full transparency and traceability, from the time of the request to the final treatment. Customers can have a complete, worry-free service if they wish, with our Total Waste Management service concept. This was revised in 2017 to improve our anticipation of our customers’needs.

We divided the customer base into four groups according to the sectors in which they are active:

Chemistry, petrochemistry and plastics


Life Sciences:
Pharma, biotech, health care


Ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, automotive


Cleaners, collectors, treatment centres

Customer Zone: greater efficiency, greater transparency

Indaver is determined to make the complexities of waste administration more efficient and straightforward for its customers. Customer Zone, our on-line customer portal, offers customers complete transparency and traceability by allowing them to follow their projects around the clock and by providing them with a tool to manage the many layers of their waste administration in an efficient, easy-to-use manner. 


The Web portal offers instant access to the most important information, documents and reports. It enables customers to view extensive reports on the cost and quantities of their waste package, in detail and via comprehensive reports. As removal planning applications are processed electronically, the information is guaranteed to be correct, complete and easy to follow up.  

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