Maximum energy recovery

Indaver is a supplier of sustainable energy. We continuously look for new and more efficient ways of recovering energy.

Strategic project for heat recovery

A circular economy will need affordable and reliable energy. Currently, Indaver is already supplying electricity to the grid and heat to neighbouring companies. We want to expand this so that additional companies can benefit from flexible and competitive energy supply. In that light, Indaver and Sleco are setting up a heat network, ECLUSE, between its waste-to-energy plant in Doel and a number of chemical and logistical companies in the vicinity. The benefits for the environment are enormous. By connecting to this network, companies will be able to fully or partially replace their gas-fired boilers. ECLUSE will reduce CO2-emissions by 100 000 tonnes anually.

Production of algae in the Hooge Maey landfill

We have to tap into new, affordable and efficient sources of energy. Algae can be used as an alternative raw material in the chemical industry, but the quantity of energy and nutrients required for algae production is very large.

That is why Proviron and Hooge Maey are currently studying the production of algae based on flue gases and wastewater. If these algae, which are cultivated on dumped waste, can be used in the chemical industry, they can limit the CO2 emissions in this industry.

Flue gasses and wastewater are by-products in landfills. The flue gasses from gas engines and ammonia in wastewater contain CO2. The gas motors provide heat. In addition to production, we are also studying the harvesting of algae. The demand in the market is currently being assessed.

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