Press release Fost Plus: Why an investment of 300 million euros is needed

Waste processing at Fost Plus to a higher gear

Today, Fost Plus announced the collaboration with 3 companies that will sort the "new blue bag" with the latest technology from 2021. A budget of 300 million euros was set aside for this. A tender request was sent out earlier this year.

Fost Plus is known for "good sorting together, better recycling" and continues to invest and innovate. At present, efficient waste collection is essential for the future of our society, certainly in full climate discussion. Fost Plus strives to have a recycling solution for all packaging by 2025.
In mid 2018, it was decided to gradually introduce the extension of the pmd bag to the new blue bag throughout Belgium. That means that in addition to plastic bottles and flasks, metal packaging and beverage cartons, other plastic packaging such as butter dishes, bags, yogurt jars, foils, etc. may be collected in that bag. In 2021, the whole of Belgium must have switched to the new blue bag.

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